The easiest way to book your vacation is to click on BOOK NOW. This will take you straight to the booking engine where you can select your vacation, the number of guests, along with which category of room you would like from what is available. If you have any questions along the way you are welcomed to reach out to our office which is ready and waiting to help you! 1-800-889-5265

Here are a few questions about booking and the answers that might help you in the process:

How much is the deposit and do I have to put down a deposit to book? The deposit is $150 per person. You can only reserve your stateroom with a deposit for each passenger.

If I start booking and do not finish, what happens and can I go back and resume? Yes, you have 30 minutes to book your room before it returns back to inventory.

Can I use two different credit cards? Yes

Can I add people to my room later? If we have availability, then yes! You will need to call our offices, 1-800-889-5265 at that time and we will be happy to assist. You may need to be moved to a higher occupancy stateroom which involves fees at time of move.

Can I change my stateroom? Please call us, 1-800-889-5265 and we will assist you, no charge if within the same category.


What do I do if I need a crib? If you are traveling with an infant, please call us as soon as possible to request a crib, 1-800-889-5265. Cribs are not guaranteed and are provided on a first come, first serve basis.

What should I pack for a cruise? Casual attire is the order of the day, both on board and ashore. Daytime, it's basically all fine since we know you're probably headed to the pool or out for a fun Shore Excursion. Casual shorts, jeans, tops and sundresses are welcome everywhere. You can even wear your swimsuit to the poolside grill or the buffet. Resort casual dress gets you into every venue at night too. Some people like to add a jacket, or when celebrating a special occasion, get all decked out. This too is welcome everywhere. And if you're tired from a long fun day and just want to wear shorts; the buffet is the place for a casual dinner. Some people prefer nice jeans. They're welcome in many of our restaurants as well, but not in all. Since all suitcases are collected the night before you return home, don't forget to bring an overnight bag packed with a change of clothes, prescriptions and need-to-have items.

Do I need to bring my own towels? Towels are supplied for each guest in your room. Towels are also available for all guests on the pool deck. You will need to check out your towels on the pool deck.

What travel documentation do I need on a cruise? Proper travel documentation is required at embarkation and throughout the cruise and is the responsibility of the guest. Any guest traveling without proper documentation will not be allowed to board the vessel and no refund of the cruise fare will be issued.

U.S. citizens are encouraged to show a U.S. passport. If they do not have a passport, they should be prepared to provide a valid government-issued photo ID (i.e. Driver's License) and proof of U.S. citizenship in the form of a government-issued (not hospital issued) U.S. birth certificate.

It is important that guest names on travel documents be identical to those on the cruise booking. Otherwise, proof of name change (i.e. a marriage license) OR a valid driver's license or government-issued photo ID must be presented.

For further information on documentation for U.S. citizens see U.S. Customs and Border protection.

For further information on documentation for Non-U.S. citizens go to

In order to serve our customers better Premier has partnered with A Briggs Passport and Visa Expeditors. If you need to order a new passport, renew a passport, replace a lost or stolen passport, or update your passport, A Briggs works with the U.S. Passport Agency and foreign embassies and consulates to secure passports as quickly as 24 hours. For further information see the Travel section of our website.

Can special diets be accommodated? We can accommodate most special dietary needs, such as Gluten- free at no extra charge. Please contact our office at 1-800-889-5265 with your request.


  1. What is available in cruise cabins? It varies depending on the cruise ship. Usually you will have a TV, telephone, safe, towels
  2. Does the ship have alarm clocks in the cabins? No, but you can call and request a wake-up call
  3. Can I bring my travel iron to use in my room? How can I iron my clothes? No irons are allowed in the cabins due to the risk of fire hazards. The staff on the ship can iron your clothes for a fee.
  4. What time can I board the ship? The usual boarding time begins around noon.
  5. Do I have to have a passport? A passport is not required for cruising unless traveling to an international port. A passport is highly recommended in case of emergency that would require you to leave the ship before it returns back to the home port.
  6. Can I cruise with a green card? You may need to check with the cruise line, we cannot interpret what you have but can only advise what travel documents you need.
  7. Can I bring bottled water on board? It depends on the cruise ship. Check the website for the vacation you are booked to find.
  8. Does the ship accept cash for soft drinks and alcohol? No, as cashless system is used. You must use a credit card and/or purchase packages.
  9. Do I need a medical form for diabetes or C-Pap? We suggest making sure this information is noted on your reservation so we can have the cruise line contact you for more information.
  10. How do I dispose of my diabetic needles? You can bring your own Red Sharps disposal or request one from your steward.
  11. Can I bring my own game system and/or iPod? Is there a place in the cabin to plug it in? Yes.
  12. How can I change my dining time? Contact your reservation specialist, 1-800-889-5265 to request. Dining times are first come first serve.
  13. Do they serve breakfast the day we return and get off the ship? Yes, breakfast only is served the day the ship returns to home port.
  14. What time do I get off the ship when we return? The normal time to disembark is by 8:30 am. This time could change due to unforeseen circumstances. The passengers disembark by zones, which are assigned to you ahead of time. We highly suggest you book your return flight after 1 pm to avoid travel delays due to disembarkation.
  15. When will I get the schedule of events on the cruise? The final itinerary is given once you board the ship.
  16. Do I have to get off the ship when we get to the port of call, or can I stay on the ship? You may stay on the ship if you wish.
  17. What is there to do near PortMiami if I get there too early to board the ship? There is nothing to do at the Port of Miami. It is an industrial area with no shops or restaurants. Nearby Bayside Market is a great one-stop for dining, shopping and entertainment.
  18. Will I miss any concerts while I am in the dining room? No, the concerts are scheduled twice each evening to allow all guests to attend according to your dining time.
  19. Where can I smoke? Each cruise has designated smoking areas.
  20. Why can’t I book excursions now? We are required to file our guest manifest with the cruise line before any excursions can be booked. More information is sent to guests 6-8 weeks prior to sailing.
  21. How can I change or upgrade my cabin? Please contact PREMIER, 1-800-889-5265 to make the change and to see if an upgrade is available.


Get the best rates available, and help make PREMIER an even stronger organization by booking through our travel partner, Expedia.

All flights should arrive and depart from the airport nearest the terminal port.

We recommend that all passengers arrive the day before the cruise leaves to guard against flight cancellations and delays. Please check our hotel section for a suggested hotel. If you plan on flying home the day the cruise is over; please make sure your flight is not leaving until 1 pm or later to avoid any debarkation and customs delays.


Many of our vacations have hotel and ground transportation packages available. Please consult your vacation's website for more detailed information.


We highly recommend that all guests protect their vacation investment by purchasing travel insurance. We have formed an alliance with Travel Insured International to make available a special Worldwide Trip Protector Policy.

If you need to cancel for a covered reason*, you can make a claim with Travel Insured International to reimburse 100% of your payments.

Please call (855) 376-2039 and mention "Premier" and ID "49165" to receive information on one of the most comprehensive coverage plans.